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New Fetisch: turtle sex

July 27, 2009

A colleague at work showed me this and I was simply speechless… and fascinated…

You MUST see this:


It is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen – and I seeing crazy shit has been my main internet – vice for many years… OK, maybe there is one other thing on the internet just as crazy, namely tubbygirl, but lets save her for some other time…

Anyhoo, I can honestly say that I’ve never felt as closely connected to turtles as I did watching this – it’s great… it’s the greatest thing since Obama!!!

Varg Vikernes – out and about…

July 14, 2009

Count Varg is released from prison – and Angryton would like to salute him. For being “a somebody in a world of nobodies” as David Vincent once put it.

However, after Gaahl “King ov Fashion” launched his career as a designer of womens clothing, it is expected that a household name in Scandinavian black metal such as Varg Vikernes should have some sort of fashionable look – But WTF?

Varg - Vagabond?

Varg - Vagabond?

Why has Varg chosen the Drunkard look?

The new leather and spikes look?

The new "leather and spikes" look?

Has Varg chosen to look as the typical welfare state “looser” as a conscious act of rebellion against the nice and clean Norwegian society or what?

I don’t know, but fact is he looks 47 (he is 37) and like he is a on welfare and spending his days drinking in a park…

//Angryton AKA the Black Metal Perez Hilton

13 tips for a better life

July 11, 2009

Fitter, happier…

Guaranteed to work.

1. keep a diary.

2. Buy Experiences – Not Things.

3. Seat yourself in the Middle –>research shows that people tend to look up to the person seated in the middle of  a table.

4. Ask for favors. This will make people like you more.

5. Make mistakes. Mistakes make you appear human. People will like you better.

6. POSITIVE gossiping. Is what its all about… possitive gossiping will make the people you surround yourself with associate you with the positive phrases you use about others. That’s a fact.

7. Eat Out. Making a meal a joyus, social occasion – will improve your life.

8. Make plans – and split them into to milestones you can accomplish.

9. Write your own celebratory speech – think about yourself – celebrate your victories – Celebrate yourself!!

10. Put a mirror in the kitchen. To remind yourself that a healthy spirit will only live in a BEAUTIFUL body. So don’t overeat.

11. Eat Fast THEN Slow – Science says so.

12. Buy a plant – live green – BE green. Plants help against loneliness and depression.

13. SAY YES!!! to life, to opportunities, to things you wouldn’t normally do.

Do the above and angryton GUARANTEES you a GREAT life. Awaken the inner GIANT!!!