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Obama Osama

May 3, 2011

I created a fun photo collage – please post it to your friends, since I would for some reason like it to go around the world as an internet meme…

New Fetisch: turtle sex

July 27, 2009

A colleague at work showed me this and I was simply speechless… and fascinated…

You MUST see this:


It is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen – and I seeing crazy shit has been my main internet – vice for many years… OK, maybe there is one other thing on the internet just as crazy, namely tubbygirl, but lets save her for some other time…

Anyhoo, I can honestly say that I’ve never felt as closely connected to turtles as I did watching this – it’s great… it’s the greatest thing since Obama!!!

Obama: Terrrorists can still be detained without trial.

January 28, 2009

Obama did the clever thing and closed down Guantanamo, that has evolved into a kind of symbol of all the wrongdoings of the Bush-administration. Besides Guantanamo itself the President Elect also gave an executive order closing down all “black sites” – basically what is described by parts of the press as secret CIA torture prisons.

However, this might only have a symbolic value, since a closer examination reveals loopholes that basically will allow the detainment of people SUSPECTED of terrorism without conviction or trial at the discretion of the CIA.

Somehow the old administration actually seemed more honest – nobody really doubted that the Bush administration was de facto santioning torture or detainment without trial, but while Obama is perceived to be the antidote to the George W. Bush way of doing politics, these things are actually allowed to continue.


Read the exclusive from WASHINGTON TIMES.

The financial crisis… pff… same old, same old.

December 8, 2008

Amazingly the financial crisis has already just become something we assume… I’m actually bored with it, and it seems everbody else are too.

It had such flash, such star-quality to begin with. I saluted the coming of the financial crisis, like a latter-day-saint would salute the coming of Christ, an orthodox jew the coming of the messiah, and a muslim the coming of the fabled 12th imam (or whatever)…

Which is sort of the same as the financial crisis – an apocalypse, a changing of the existing world order, a time where the last shall be the first etc.


I’m really disappointed with this financial crisis – I hope something happens and it gains momentum – if we must have a crisis, let it at least not be boring and slow… nobody wants a slow-motion apocalypse. It should be like the 2004 TSUNAMI! – just when people are pleased that they survived the initial wave… BOOOM! comes the real blast.


Anyway, Obama won… and Christmas is at hand..  and I think I need some vacation…