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13 tips for a better life

July 11, 2009

Fitter, happier…

Guaranteed to work.

1. keep a diary.

2. Buy Experiences – Not Things.

3. Seat yourself in the Middle –>research shows that people tend to look up to the person seated in the middle of  a table.

4. Ask for favors. This will make people like you more.

5. Make mistakes. Mistakes make you appear human. People will like you better.

6. POSITIVE gossiping. Is what its all about… possitive gossiping will make the people you surround yourself with associate you with the positive phrases you use about others. That’s a fact.

7. Eat Out. Making a meal a joyus, social occasion – will improve your life.

8. Make plans – and split them into to milestones you can accomplish.

9. Write your own celebratory speech – think about yourself – celebrate your victories – Celebrate yourself!!

10. Put a mirror in the kitchen. To remind yourself that a healthy spirit will only live in a BEAUTIFUL body. So don’t overeat.

11. Eat Fast THEN Slow – Science says so.

12. Buy a plant – live green – BE green. Plants help against loneliness and depression.

13. SAY YES!!! to life, to opportunities, to things you wouldn’t normally do.

Do the above and angryton GUARANTEES you a GREAT life. Awaken the inner GIANT!!!

The financial crisis turns me on.

October 1, 2008

Just a quick post on a subject thats quite hot these days – the financial crisis.

Man I love it! – it’s wonderful that it’s finally here. After so many years of “pyramid-scheme” economics on the housing prices, and in the general economy the financial crisis that IS to be expected sooner or later has finally arrived – goodbye to excessive spending, farewell to people thinking they are better persons just because they are succesful consumers who has bought some new expensive thing they did not really need.

Hello to a time where the most sensible thing you can do is NOT take out a huge loan to buy a house expecting it to triple its value in a few years, but actually holding down a steady job with a reasonable wage – welcome to a time where the defining character of people will not be their consuming power.

So – let’s all hope for a real hardcore recession, a time to bring back true values, to find value in family and friends instead of a new car.