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Political correctness is for intolerant assholes.

September 28, 2008

Man, political correctness is just another word for political control. It’s just another word for censorship. It’s just another word for bullying those who are different. It’s just another word for name-calling and shaming out those with whom we disagree. It’s just another word for dictatorship by majority rule. It’s just another word for a crypto-fascist need to control what other people say and think. It’s another word for thought-police. It’s just another way to say “You are NOT allowed to say that, since questions the basic assumptions I call my reality”.

Political correctness is a tool used for political oppression and witch-hunting. I hate political correctness.

Political correctness is just way of saying THE TRUTH? – WE CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

Political correctness is political suppression.

... nope... you can't handle it...

Matti had no star-quality.

September 25, 2008

Matti Juhani Saari – the guy from Finland that just shot 10 people at a school has absolutely NO star quality.

The guy is supposed to have been really cool, calm and collected about it, even phoning a friend after the killings to say goodbye… but just LOOK AT THE GUY:



Even though he only lived to be 22 he has the same lively charisma, and full head of hair as a 47 year old programmer, who never had a date.

He looks like someone who already has spent a whole life-time in boredom in front of the TV before going berserk. Sort of like Michael Douglas in “Falling Down”:

Michael D is the original gangster - an ANGRY WHITE MALE.

Michael D is the original gangster - an ANGRY WHITE MALE.

Anyway, results count as well as looks, and in that department Matti is actually doing quite well. Much better than Dylan and that other guy from Columbine… Much better than most, actually.

But man – why a school… why not a place where ALL the people are guaranteed asholes who lie and teach lies as truth… it could be on some management/NLP/insert-stupid-corporate-buzzword training. It could be parliament…

Still very conCERNed.

September 20, 2008

Well, just because the world didn’t end on that thursday NOONE should feel safe. Angryton does NOT feel safe. I think the world will end. Yup. It will.

No seriously, on that fatefull wednesday (10th september) the Large Hadron Collider experiment was simply STARTED. It was/is expected that the risk that the world might end in a black hole (small big bang) would happen some time in the experiment – 14 days or more into the experiment.

Angryton supports science… Yes I do… but the scientists of CERN themselves even recognize that there is a small chance the world will end… ZZZUUUUPPP!!!! in a black hole…


What has happened since that fateful day? – well the large hadron collider experiment has been hacked (to prove that security is flawed…) AND the experiment has been shut down for two months due to some basic electonic installations malfunction. (you can google for these newsstories yourself, fatso…)

Well none of this is really very comforting. WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE!



Nice coverage of the LHC experiment –

This wednesday the world will really end.

September 6, 2008

I believe it and I think about it and I plan to really party on tuesday. Party like it’s 1999 as Prince sings…

I really believe it, these scientists do not know which powers they are messing with – the big bang also started as a small black hole.

And yes, it’s easy to make fun of us who believe the world will end – we’ll never get a chance to say “told you so…”.


So… enjoy this last time, before we are all turned to non-existing matter — NOOOO, PLEEAASSSE NOOOO.