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Fitna the movie now in farsi and other languages

March 30, 2008

Go HERE for farsi (version with Farsi subtitles)

Fitna the movie on Google Video

March 29, 2008

Several different locations now exists where anybody with an interest in doing so can download Fitna the movie.

But for someone who simply want to stream the video go to google video and watch it: 

As Chuck D said – don’t believe the hype.

Watch it and decide for yourself.

Europe surrenders – Fitna the movie removed

March 29, 2008

Amazingly liveleak has decided to remove Fitna the movie, apparently due to death threats against their employees.

See the official statement HERE

NOTE – the movie is still available through p2p sites such as or similar – and since these sites are not in themselves legal and the movie has been made public, I would consider it completely legal to use one of these sites to get hold of the movie.

This is the most ridiculous thing ever – not only have the European governments shown themselves to be spineless or without any understanding of the fact that appeasement does not necessarily lead to a fair, equal compromise, but will often lead to continued aggression – sometimes it really is best to take a confrontation of ideas up front, and stand up for what you believe yourself.

So many ridiculous reactions have been made to this film – like its especially rude or extreme? Se various extreme reactions by the UN and various Middle Eastern governments HERE.

Comparisons with for instance the German anti-semitic propaganda movies are totally missing the point.

This is a movie simply displaying facts and letting Muslims themselves express how they think the quran should be interpreted. No clips in the movie are more than seven years old, nothing is really done to dishonor or insult muslims – the reason for the huge impact of the movie is simply watching stuff like homosexuals being hanged in Middle Eastern countries etc., and this is not something made up by Geert Wilders.

I wonder how come the new muhammed cartoons  has caused so little stir internationally? It seems nobody outside Denmark are really aware that new cartoons have been made by one of the cartoonists – and actually many Danes aren’t even aware.

Fitna the movie

March 28, 2008

If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it HERE.

I must say I’m very surprised – the movie really isn’t very shocking or anything? – I had imagined that Geert Wilders (the guy who looks incredibly dutch almost like a pastiche of what people from the Netherlands look like, and has a totally laughable haircut) had made some sort of Michael Moore style movie, and that it actually contained some desecration of the Quran… it’s really something that could have easily been a youtube movie…

And NO – tearing out pages in the Quran is hinted at, but is not shown – you hear the sound of a page tearing off-screen, while some on-screen text explains its a page from a phone book, and that Muslims should have their own confrontation with their own religion…

And YES – the muhammed cartoons are part of the movie.

But all the fuss, the threats and everything shows that Wilders has an important point – if this movie were to be forbidden it would be totally ridiculous.

And if you don’t want to spend 15 minutes understanding something thats subject to intense political debate, heres a short description of the movie: the whole movie consists of cross-cutting between verses (Surahs) from the Quran, footage from various terrorist act and various Muslims exclaiming that wish for world domination or “Death to the Infidels!”. In the end there are some facts about muslims in Europe and some speculation about what the future might bring.

Pretty basic actually – I did not feel the least bit provoked. The movie is totally acceptable and within the bounds of even the most politically correct definition of freedom of speech.

I Salute Geert Wilders!

Not for the movie in itself, but for making the movie, even at huge personal costs – he will have to fear for his life the rest of his years…

It is hardcore to put your life on the line for your beliefs, both if you’re a muslim extremist or Geert Wilders – but I salute people who live an extreme life, not ordinary people who value their own safety and comfort over any ideals they might hold.

For a much more interesting and enlightened comment than I am able to provide, visit the blog of Flemming Rose, the newspaper editor that decided to print the Muhammed Cartoons – NORTHERN LIGHT

A clarification

March 26, 2008

This was originally an answer to a comment on an earlier post…

Well – my job is not really bad… its up and down… sometimes I just tend to focus on the negative, and in a few postings I’ve maybe come off as overly negative, but I’m really not. Just honest and with other things to give me a feeling of personal fulfillment than sheer professional ambition.
I suppose I’m also in some sort of opposition to the whole society of normal, narrow-minded bigots who show off their complete lack of anything resembling a human soul, by reducing life to going to work, paying off a mortgage and spending their friday evenings watching some idiotic talent-show or talking about how lucky they are that some people are not as well-off as them.
That whole outlook on life and way of life… is a perversion of life.

But really my job is quite okay – not really that good, but quite okay.

Vacation is over – Life is hell.

March 25, 2008

After a way too short vacation, with some much needed intellectual stimulation and beer-drinking, this is my last day off. Life will be hell again tomorrow.

The most profound and meaningful sentence in the German language is:

March 23, 2008

Arbeit ist Scheisse!!!

Lets celebrate that Jesus died…

March 19, 2008

Angryton now has easter vacation – WEEE.

I will celebrate that Jesus was tortured to death (no resurrection, that’s just plain stupid) by putting on an oldie-but goodie: Once Upon The Cross by Deicide. Prime early 90s death metal. There are those who prefer the earlier stuff, and some who swear to their newer material. Personally I really prefer their middle-period with Once Upon the Cross and the grossly overlooked Insineratehymn.

Sample Lyric:

Blasphemy laughs at thee

Jesus you’ve been deceived

Struggling on the cross

Gagging to breathe

Despise your god question why

You were retrieved by the angel of light



They will say that he loves you he don’t

From their bible they’re controlled

His descent they expect in our life

They’ll be waiting till they die

Disembark from their path of belief

It in turn will set you free

Cannot live with the fact that they’re wrong

That there is no truth in god


Psychic Vampires.

March 17, 2008

Inspired by THIS blog, here are a few thoughts on false friends and psychic vampires. Not that anyone really cares – or learns anything from simply reading – these things have to be experienced before you fully understand.

But basically, we’ve all had friends that didn’t give us additional energy – were never really any fun – offered little or no support or never really any intelligent conversation. The short version is just this – get rid of them, don’t feel guilty, there’s no higher moral value in retaining boring, meaningless friendships.

A longer version:

“Friends” with no value come in many varieties.
Some are simply draining your energy/vitality, some are busy ONLY loading their problems and fishing for sympathy –
Some seem to be very occupied with comparing different aspects in life (e.g. economic situation, last holiday destination, love life) – but apparently only when they seem to believe that the comparison is actually an affirmation of their own status.
Some will use you as an audience for their own life, and life stories – only rarely caring enough about you to ask about your life, your experiences and your feelings.
Some are plain psychic vampires, a term coined and PERFECTLY described by Anton LaVey.

The worst kind – or rather the kind where it’s hardest to really let the natural consequences happen in due time – are the friendships that were once good but have over a period of time for one reason or another turned bad. You keep on hoping that the friendship will revert back to a better state, and hoping (almost hoping against hope) that the qualities you once cherished will show again.
From this point it usually take many disappointments before you take the inevitable decision.

But there really is only one sensible thing to do, and that is draw the line and the consequences. As Goethe said – that which disturbs your soul you MUST not suffer.

A Graduate Thesis

March 16, 2008

This is the perfect description of how I remember the university. And totally spot on about how my thesis came about.