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“Murder those who say Islam is violent”

January 22, 2010

Kurt Westergaard ‘the Muhammad Cartoonist’ was recently the subject of attempted murder – a guy showed up at his address with an axe, shouting death-threats and breaking in.

The cartoonist (an old man) survived by locking himself into a panic room, and alerting the police.  (for more, see HERE)

But what is the logic behind attacking Kurt Westergaard?

When devout muslims are attacking an old man in the name of Islam, does it somehow disprove the notion that some muslims are willing to commit violence in the name of Islam?

I wish this was some sort of jaded hipster joke..

So, if any foreign Muslims are reading this, here’s a little message:

All we want in Denmark is really just to be able to say and discuss what we want – in Denmark it is actually legal to deny the holocaust or to be a nazi… or to be an extremist muslim. The christian church and Jesus have been the subject of countless smears in Denmark over the last couple of decades, so have various strands of Christianity, such as the Jehovas Witnesses.

We simply are accepting you in our society, and treating you as equals, by expecting you to be able to take a little friendly debate as adults (for the record: adults protest in many ways, but NOT by beheading their opponent).

We really have no wish or intention of controlling what mindless and horrible stuff you print in your papers, or discuss at home or in your Mosques. Say what you want (you probably already are) about Denmark and the Danish people – we really aren’t that hurt by it. We have no desire to control or censor you – is it unreasonable to expect the same in return?

I also have this to say to any muslim regarding the cartoon: Muhammad has been depicted numerous times before, also in Islamic countries. It is a historical fact. If you are a believer, then would not the Allah take care of the punishment?

(Final note: in an unrelated case to the actual murder attempt, two other men are charged with planning/conspiring to murder Kurt Westergaard – see HERE – so the intention of killing the cartoonist can’t really be shrugged off as ‘the act of a single crazy guy’)

Who is Extreme Elvis and what happened to him?

January 1, 2010

For several years I’ve had a strange obsession with the creature who called himself Extreme Elvis.

Under the slogan that “every generation gets the elvis it deserves” and with considerable swagger, Extreme Elvis was active from (as far as I can tell) sometime in the late 1990s and until a notice appeared on the EE website claiming that the site was shut down and that several people connected with the site was under federal investigation.  If I recall correct, this must have been around 2004, or thereabout.

EE actually delivered on his promise: the internet generation got the Elvis it deserved.

A generation obsessed with human folly, googling accidents, watching youtube, looking at snuff at rotten dot com all this was in full bloom thanks to the internet – and lets not forget the ‘democratization of porn’ that the internet created – no matter what bizarre sexual scenario you could dream up it was always just a google search away before you saw that someone else had already taken the idea to an even bigger extreme. is a perfect symptom of the internet generation.

Somehow Extreme Elvis became the epitome of all things internet – bizarre, nude, media conscious, defecating and overall being perfect for a website and a cult following of people – like yours truly – who are slighty obsessed with the bizarre.

So what did he do, what was his Schtick?

… well, EE was a larger than life persona, looking like Elvis might have looked in the 80’s if he hadn’t died taking a dump – which means he is extremely overweight, with beautiful hair and an enigmatic charisma… EE performs Elvis covers as psycho dramas, utilizing bodily fluids such as piss, vomit and shit (often parts of his performance will include EE singing an Elvis song while taking a shit) and generally going all – in, giving a truly life-altering performance.

I have never had the fortune of seeing an Extreme Elvis show, but I am sure it is powerful stuff, tapping right into our primal selves with nakedness, confrontation, violence… Extreme Elvis is showing us what it means to be human, what unites us at the basic level. He is reinvigorating Elvis, giving him renewed relevance, and adding whole new layers of meaning to the classic songs that IS the Elvis legacy.

Extreme Elvis is brave – very few people would have the guts to perform in this way – especially very few people with the physical characteristics of extreme Elvis. And he seems intelligent, not like, say G.G. Allin, who merely seemed demented.

I praise you, Extreme Elvis. You should tour Europe.

Anyways, like the real Elvis there is an aura of mystery surrounding Extreme Elvis – a man performing in such a manner will automatically be intriging – I have so many questions I’d like to give to EE…

But I don’t know who he is or where to look – since the FBI shut down the extreme Elvis site, only sporadic appearances have been made – but the spirit of Extreme Elvis is still alive – the web is teeming with interviews, pictures and live performances, so there is still something for the obsessive fan (me). Even though I am sure that pictures and words can never do justice to the real thing – a live performance.

Are you there Elvis? Please respond.

Pictures can be found many places on the web – and the FBI must be pretty moronic, since many pictures and content can still be accessed on the EE site – they just shut down the front page.

Otherwise just google Extreme Elvis Photos or similar – theres plenty of images of this beautiful human specimen.

UPdate! Please look at the comments section! After having almost forgotten about this blog lots of interesting comments have appeared giving more details on the existence of ee.

turns out I wasn’t the only guy fascinated and enchanted by him.


I’m not able to completely verify this, but it seems that is the latest sighting of ee! Exciting!

however in the ‘about’ section of the website he identifies as having performed as extreme elvis between 2000 and 2004… Elvis lives!