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Muhammad Controversy 2.0

April 23, 2010

Man, here we are again. A new muhammad depiction controversy.

This time it’s south park (or rather; the creators of south park) who are being threatened to silence.

The great thing about this is that noone can acuse the south park creators of exclusively targeting muslims or muhammad for ridicule – judaism and christianity has certainly been mocked good and well – as has Scientology in an episode not aired (if you google it, you’ll see…) due to the controversy.

Of course it is only Islam that has a problem with depiction – but really, it is so obvious that by the very nature of South Park they MUST be disrespectful to any group that claim to know the truth, and want to set up boudaries for free speech – you cannot in any way acuse the creators of south park for being racist, islamophobic because they have this episode. They really would be racist if they did not have an episode like this – then they would treat muslims as if they were expecting them to behave like psycotic savages, rather than as civilized as the most extreme among Christians and Jews…

By the way, I think they were going too easy on the muslims and Muhammad…

But I respect that the creators did it, even though their broadcasting company has now constrained their freedom of speech on this issue – as long as it is not self-imposed self-censorship by the creators, I respect it. I once heard a journalist say that he tried hard not to censor himself – that’s what he had an editor for….


April 16, 2010

Who really is the ANGRYTON dream-woman? What does she look like?

You may wonder… And I have wondered…

Even though girls who are totally outside the mainstream such as these are very appealing to me:

I could never date someone who has any sort of political flag in their living-room… as anything other than an ironic statement. And… lets face it… nazism is sort of outdated and stupid. I don’t hate other races – I am very hip, with friends of all races – especially blacks… Why love the white race over others – go to the local pub, and you will see that there are plenty of stupid, scummy white people…

So – these fine, feminine specimens are out.

There are of course some physical attributes I PREFER.

But I must admit that I am in love… as much as one can be with someone on another continent, someone, one have only seen on youtube videos…

It started yesterday when a colleague at work (he is a slacker) sent me a youtube video for fun… something along the lines of “REAL PROOF OF REPTILLIAN SHAPESHIFTERS”… just as something you can go “LOL” to…

But then I saw the girl of my dreams – TRUTHERGIRL – give the TRUE message that ‘everything is a lie‘. She told the truth…

I then realized that my dreamgirl is outside the mainstream – WAY outside the mainstream… she is intelligent, she is well-spoken, and not afraid to speak outside of ‘conventional wisdom’. (actually I would say that most of what truthergirl is saying should be ‘conventional wisdom’ – that you shouldn’t eat stuff that has been genetically modified or accept to live in an environment with so many chemicals in it that you become infertile).

So here she is – the girl of MY dreams – TRUTHERGIRL:

Of course its weird that TRUTHERGIRL is an apocalyptic ‘end time’ Christian – but I’ll go along, if that’s what it takes…

By the way, TRUTHERGIRL if you are reading this – I didn’t get the vaccine… In Denmark where I live they weren’t offered to everyone, but mainly to pregnant women – a true horror, if ever there were one. ┬áTo be totally honest I already have a significant other in my live, but I just wanted to let you know that your message is heard – also on other continents. This is my way to say I agree with you on many issues – and I admire you (and – even though it is impropriate to say – I think you are actually HOT).

If you want to learn more about TRUTHERGIRLS go here:

The truthergirl blog is here:

and the wordpress channel here:

April 10, 2010

Finally a cool air-plane crash… that guy was a disgrace. A mental midget.

Once again – we celebrate the crucifixion of Christ.

April 4, 2010

I do believe there is a huge possibility that the character Jesus Christ is based on a real historical person. I do believe that a person with such a subversive (for the Roman government, for the commercial and religous ‘powers that be’ of the time) worldview could be construed as some sort of rebel or enemy of society. I find it highly possible that a guy like that might be crucified in the period around 0-33 AD.
However – I do not really believe that you can be ressurrected from the dead – so what easter is really about is celebrating that some guy with radical ideas was killed on the cross 2000 years ago.
Approximately the same as if a guy – say the Timothy McVeigh, or Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (who will be on trial in New York for the 9/11 terrorist attack) is executed by the state and then in a few hundred years is placed in a different historical context. If that were to happen, people might be celebrating the electric chair like the cross is celebrated…
However I appreciate having the easter vacation, and do not mind eating and drinking a little extra at a traditional ‘easter lunch’… So Cheers – lets celebrate the crucifixion of Christ once again – lets eat, drink and be merry, for Jesus Died!