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Once again – we celebrate the crucifixion of Christ.

April 4, 2010

I do believe there is a huge possibility that the character Jesus Christ is based on a real historical person. I do believe that a person with such a subversive (for the Roman government, for the commercial and religous ‘powers that be’ of the time) worldview could be construed as some sort of rebel or enemy of society. I find it highly possible that a guy like that might be crucified in the period around 0-33 AD.
However – I do not really believe that you can be ressurrected from the dead – so what easter is really about is celebrating that some guy with radical ideas was killed on the cross 2000 years ago.
Approximately the same as if a guy – say the Timothy McVeigh, or Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (who will be on trial in New York for the 9/11 terrorist attack) is executed by the state and then in a few hundred years is placed in a different historical context. If that were to happen, people might be celebrating the electric chair like the cross is celebrated…
However I appreciate having the easter vacation, and do not mind eating and drinking a little extra at a traditional ‘easter lunch’… So Cheers – lets celebrate the crucifixion of Christ once again – lets eat, drink and be merry, for Jesus Died!

Lets celebrate that Jesus died…

March 19, 2008

Angryton now has easter vacation – WEEE.

I will celebrate that Jesus was tortured to death (no resurrection, that’s just plain stupid) by putting on an oldie-but goodie: Once Upon The Cross by Deicide. Prime early 90s death metal. There are those who prefer the earlier stuff, and some who swear to their newer material. Personally I really prefer their middle-period with Once Upon the Cross and the grossly overlooked Insineratehymn.

Sample Lyric:

Blasphemy laughs at thee

Jesus you’ve been deceived

Struggling on the cross

Gagging to breathe

Despise your god question why

You were retrieved by the angel of light



They will say that he loves you he don’t

From their bible they’re controlled

His descent they expect in our life

They’ll be waiting till they die

Disembark from their path of belief

It in turn will set you free

Cannot live with the fact that they’re wrong

That there is no truth in god