My hangover made me a better worker.

Yesterday I had a friend visiting. We drank some wine and some beers, smoked some cigarettes. It was all good.

Today at work I had a slight hangover – no headache, just that feeling of being zombie-fied… the funny thing was that it actually increased my productivity. My hangover helped me focus single-mindedly on work, and actually I got a lot more done than I expected on a day with hangovers.

It was however still a hellish day, and I can’t wait till it gets to be weekend.


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One Response to “My hangover made me a better worker.”

  1. dux Says:

    same her – only it happened to me tuesday. It feels kind of strange in the morning, but after one hour everything works a litlle bit better than normal.

    Don´t know if it is just imaginazion or the truth but i think the first. Reflection in action is not strong in the given situation… i love it-

    Maybe that is the way out of the working hell – wine

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