Update on the Muhammad Crisis…

Just a quick update, from the sewers of the Danish news-media.

1. Kurt Westergaard, the cartoonist behind the world-famous muhammad-with-a-bomb-in-his-turban cartoon, is trying to get the court to prevent an organisation called “stop the islamisation of Denmark” to use it on posters an in a rally to be held this saturday. The cartoonist explains that he did not make his cartoon with a specific political purpose, and does not want any political group to hi-jack his cartoon advancing their own agenda. The group plans to march in a Danish city (Aalborg – 3rd biggest city) with posters of the cartoon saying “if you don’t like this picture – GET OUT” (approximation of the Danish slogan). In my opinion – fair enough. The cartoonist should have the copyright/intellectual property rights of his own drawing.

2. According to Danish state television, a new “crisis” is underway. In several middle-eastern countries huge demonstrations against Denmark are being held, and the Danish farming (actually dairy – milk, cheese & butter) industry is starting to feel the effect of a boycot. It seems fashionable to dislike Denmark and not buy Danish products.

3. An exhibition of the Danish “art group” (their kind of art makes me throw up mentally) surrend (surrend.org) have been closed down in Berlin due to threats – the exhibition contained an image of the kabalah with the words “dummer stein” (stupid stone” printed on it. The exhibition also contained among other things a picture of a traditional Jewish hat with the words “dummer hut” (stupid hat) printed. In my eyes this is in no way fit to be called art – some people are apparently provoked – personally I find the whole set-up totally disturbingly stupid, and the fact that the exhibition was shown, clearly shows that the modern concept of art has run it’s course.


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