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There is no H1N1 – the name is SWINE FLU!

August 26, 2009

There IS no H1N1 (that name sounds like some lame internet joke) – the name IS THE SWINE FLU – so fuck you. (see – it rhymes).

Why they have chosen that other name totally escapes me – but the name is lame.

Recently we had a bird flu – why can’t we have a swine flue?

Swine are cool… and supposedly quite intelligent.

And the name Swine Flu actually has some star quality – a nice ring. The Black Plague wasn’t known by some geekish name like p3st or something, was it now?

I refuse to acknowledge H1N1 – there is ONLY THE SWINE FLU.


The financial crisis… pff… same old, same old.

December 8, 2008

Amazingly the financial crisis has already just become something we assume… I’m actually bored with it, and it seems everbody else are too.

It had such flash, such star-quality to begin with. I saluted the coming of the financial crisis, like a latter-day-saint would salute the coming of Christ, an orthodox jew the coming of the messiah, and a muslim the coming of the fabled 12th imam (or whatever)…

Which is sort of the same as the financial crisis – an apocalypse, a changing of the existing world order, a time where the last shall be the first etc.


I’m really disappointed with this financial crisis – I hope something happens and it gains momentum – if we must have a crisis, let it at least not be boring and slow… nobody wants a slow-motion apocalypse. It should be like the 2004 TSUNAMI! – just when people are pleased that they survived the initial wave… BOOOM! comes the real blast.


Anyway, Obama won… and Christmas is at hand..  and I think I need some vacation…