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IT-developers will be the ‘Disgruntled Postmen’ of the future.

August 6, 2009

In the recent shooting in Pittsburgh (cool name, Pittsburgh, by the way) an IT-developer went crazy after many years of sexual starvation, and working with IT.

The killer was an IT developer who actually did not look too bad:

the face of the killer

the face of the killer

The guy seemed actually like an okay guy – some of his writings are a bit banal, but not in any way ‘Sick’ or ‘Evil’ as some people might expect.  Apparently the reason was simly dissatisfaction with the fairer sex (and we all share that so…)

I think the key to understanding this killer is not just his ‘hatred towards women’ but rather the fact that he was working with IT – Angryton hereby makes a prediction: in the coming decades we will see more and more IT workers crack up and come to the office (or mall, or fitness center) blazing. Being an IT-developer will be perceived as an eerie job, with a high probability for snapping and going on a homicidal/suicidal killing spree.

The term ‘Going Postal’ will be used more and more about workers from the IT industry… As a former colleague of mine said:”IT eats my soul”.

Excerpt from the killers online-  Journal:

August 3, 2009:
I took off today, Monday, and tomorrow to practice my routine and make sure it is well polished. I need to work out every detail, there is only one shot. Also I need to be completely immersed into something before I can be successful. I haven’t had a drink since Friday at about 2:30. Total effort needed. Tomorrow is the big day.

Unfortunately I talked to my neighbor today, who is very positive and upbeat. I need to remain focused and absorbed COMPLETELY. Last time I tried this, in January, I chickened out. Lets see how this new approach works.

Maybe soon, I will see God and Jesus. At least that is what I was told. Eternal life does NOT depend on works. If it did, we will all be in hell. Christ paid for EVERY sin, so how can I or you be judged BY GOD for a sin when the penalty was ALREADY paid. People judge but that does not matter. I was reading the Bible and The Integrity of God beginning yesterday, because soon I will see them.

I will try not to add anymore entries because this computer clicking distracts me.

Also, any of the “Practice Papers” left on my coffee table I used or the notes in my gym bag can be published freely. I will not be embarased, because, well, I will be dead. Some people like to study that stuff. Maybe all this will shed insight on why some people just cannot make things happen in their life, which can potentially benefit others.

Matti had no star-quality.

September 25, 2008

Matti Juhani Saari – the guy from Finland that just shot 10 people at a school has absolutely NO star quality.

The guy is supposed to have been really cool, calm and collected about it, even phoning a friend after the killings to say goodbye… but just LOOK AT THE GUY:



Even though he only lived to be 22 he has the same lively charisma, and full head of hair as a 47 year old programmer, who never had a date.

He looks like someone who already has spent a whole life-time in boredom in front of the TV before going berserk. Sort of like Michael Douglas in “Falling Down”:

Michael D is the original gangster - an ANGRY WHITE MALE.

Michael D is the original gangster - an ANGRY WHITE MALE.

Anyway, results count as well as looks, and in that department Matti is actually doing quite well. Much better than Dylan and that other guy from Columbine… Much better than most, actually.

But man – why a school… why not a place where ALL the people are guaranteed asholes who lie and teach lies as truth… it could be on some management/NLP/insert-stupid-corporate-buzzword training. It could be parliament…