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Obama: Terrrorists can still be detained without trial.

January 28, 2009

Obama did the clever thing and closed down Guantanamo, that has evolved into a kind of symbol of all the wrongdoings of the Bush-administration. Besides Guantanamo itself the President Elect also gave an executive order closing down all “black sites” – basically what is described by parts of the press as secret CIA torture prisons.

However, this might only have a symbolic value, since a closer examination reveals loopholes that basically will allow the detainment of people SUSPECTED of terrorism without conviction or trial at the discretion of the CIA.

Somehow the old administration actually seemed more honest – nobody really doubted that the Bush administration was de facto santioning torture or detainment without trial, but while Obama is perceived to be the antidote to the George W. Bush way of doing politics, these things are actually allowed to continue.


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