Vince Neil – I wanna party with you…

Schreeachy-voice singer, and all-round big-mouthed scum-bag Vince Neil recently turned 50. Besides the questionable honour of without a doubt being the biggest scumcontainer of Mötley Crüe, I must also salute Vince for keeping up his look pretty good…

His face is quite OK for a 50 year old – all the booze, sex and speed-balls must be keeping him fit after all…

Anyways, I found these fun pictures from his 50 year birthday party…


Thought I would share…

I’ve added a few captions, to give a sense of progression and plot to the images…


I got blow for you later, Dude

I always liked Flava Flav… don’t know why, but I always did… He’s a basehead, but he’s alright… definitely.

HEEY - NOW the party is really starting... paaaarrrttyyyy!!!!!

Flava looks like he is a bit embarrased (can it be?) about the whole thing… Embarassed about hanging out with a has-been blob such as Vince.

My Main Man

Look how Flava is surrendering to the situation – everybody knows the situation where someone slightly socially embarrassing/awkward gets a little too much to drink and all of a sudden you are “Pals” – and will soon “do something, Hang out… I’ll call you”. We all know it, and the most common response is to smile a shy smile, play along, and then forget everything about this social abomination the next day. Looks to me like that’s what Flava is doing…


"Best Friends Ever"

"Best Friends Ever"

Flava has now completely surrendered, and is giving the picture an even funnier twist by looking like a cudly monkey…


Pictures are from

That also contain another classy piece of information – Vince Neil (my hero) has once again been aprehended for drunk driving… LOL. You should think the guy could afford a cab… He once killed another man in a drunk driving accident… he got sentenced to warning the youth of america about drunk driving as a bizarre community service…


I Salute You, Vince!!!


And I actually plan to read your biography pretty soon… Tattoos and Tequila… I enjoyed ‘The Dirt’ immensely.


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