Ubuntu – new distro, same problem…

So, yesterday I accidentially happened upon a launch party for the new ubuntu distribution – Karmic Koala.


I’m all for ubuntu in relation to boot-time, time to boot apps, look and feel etc… but from talking with the geeks at the launch party I realised that ubuntu will never succeed. I run both ubuntu and windows, since some of my needs are only met by windows, especially in regard to being certain that you can access basic functionality with 3rd parties, such as my eBank, my tax registration etc. And apparently so do most ubuntu users.

I learned that even the ubuntu geeks run windows to be able to play the newest games… so it is all over, ubuntu… even your dedicated followers are sleeping with the enemy…

And some tiny details like the fact that you need to actively enable mp3s and similar file-formats is separating ubuntu from being a truly “walk-up-and-use” system for the average user.

I’m perfectly happy running both, though. C’ya,.

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One Response to “Ubuntu – new distro, same problem…”

  1. frank Says:

    go apple

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