The longer I work in software…

The more true and tragic this comic seems:

This really is quite an old cartoon, yet you’ll see it again and again… where there are software people, someone will have a print of this cartoon by their desk…

Apparently the software development process has a built-in crunch time where people (at least if you are able to keep some level of perspective on the work you are doing, and not just the ‘evil geek’ type who somehow find pleasure in knowing that the customers actually got cheated out yet again) will realize that we are not constructing what the customer wants…

Maybe it is due to the catch-22 that the people who are making requirements for a software project are most often users…And not only ‘real’ users, but often some kind of manager, which is even worse (managers often have surprisingly little technical understanding of the software development process)…

Basically the people that make the requirements, do not understand the requirements they are setting, due to being in another context (as users), whereas we the software people are by the very nature of the situation not able to set correct requirements for the users…

Scrum might be able to improve this, somewhat, since the users/people setting requirements will be able to actually understand what is being developed at an earlier time… but having a well-run software process still requires a lot of effort, both from the development team AND the product owner/ users / requirements approver.


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