Europe surrenders – Fitna the movie removed

Amazingly liveleak has decided to remove Fitna the movie, apparently due to death threats against their employees.

See the official statement HERE

NOTE – the movie is still available through p2p sites such as or similar – and since these sites are not in themselves legal and the movie has been made public, I would consider it completely legal to use one of these sites to get hold of the movie.

This is the most ridiculous thing ever – not only have the European governments shown themselves to be spineless or without any understanding of the fact that appeasement does not necessarily lead to a fair, equal compromise, but will often lead to continued aggression – sometimes it really is best to take a confrontation of ideas up front, and stand up for what you believe yourself.

So many ridiculous reactions have been made to this film – like its especially rude or extreme? Se various extreme reactions by the UN and various Middle Eastern governments HERE.

Comparisons with for instance the German anti-semitic propaganda movies are totally missing the point.

This is a movie simply displaying facts and letting Muslims themselves express how they think the quran should be interpreted. No clips in the movie are more than seven years old, nothing is really done to dishonor or insult muslims – the reason for the huge impact of the movie is simply watching stuff like homosexuals being hanged in Middle Eastern countries etc., and this is not something made up by Geert Wilders.

I wonder how come the new muhammed cartoons  has caused so little stir internationally? It seems nobody outside Denmark are really aware that new cartoons have been made by one of the cartoonists – and actually many Danes aren’t even aware.

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3 Responses to “Europe surrenders – Fitna the movie removed”

  1. Iranian Ajax Says:

    We keep caving into these Muslim fascists. When are we going to wake up and see that we can bring their barbarism and their way of life to an end?

    Go GEERT!!!

  2. Iranian Ajax Says:


    They want war? Lets show them what war really means.

  3. angryton Says:

    hmmf – I don’t want war – just want to live my life in freedom, and for my children to be born into a world where they can say and act whatever and however they want as long as they don’t physically harm other people.


    Down with religion and religious freaks…

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