Vacation is over – Life is hell.

After a way too short vacation, with some much needed intellectual stimulation and beer-drinking, this is my last day off. Life will be hell again tomorrow.

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2 Responses to “Vacation is over – Life is hell.”

  1. jimsmuse Says:

    But seriously, how do you really feel about your job?

  2. angryton Says:

    Well – my job is not really bad… its up and down… sometimes I just tend to focus on the negative, and in a few postings I’ve maybe come off as overly negative, but I’m really not. Just honest and with other things to give me a feeling of personal fulfillment than sheer professional ambition.
    I suppose I’m also in some sort of opposition to the whole society of normal, narrow-minded bigots who show off their complete lack of anything resembling a human soul, by reducing life to going to work, paying off a mortgage and spending their friday evenings watching some idiotic talent-show or talking about how lucky they are that some people are not as well-off as them.
    That whole outlook on life and way of life… is a perversion of life.

    But really my job is quite okay – not really that good, but quite okay.

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