Psychic Vampires.

Inspired by THIS blog, here are a few thoughts on false friends and psychic vampires. Not that anyone really cares – or learns anything from simply reading – these things have to be experienced before you fully understand.

But basically, we’ve all had friends that didn’t give us additional energy – were never really any fun – offered little or no support or never really any intelligent conversation. The short version is just this – get rid of them, don’t feel guilty, there’s no higher moral value in retaining boring, meaningless friendships.

A longer version:

“Friends” with no value come in many varieties.
Some are simply draining your energy/vitality, some are busy ONLY loading their problems and fishing for sympathy –
Some seem to be very occupied with comparing different aspects in life (e.g. economic situation, last holiday destination, love life) – but apparently only when they seem to believe that the comparison is actually an affirmation of their own status.
Some will use you as an audience for their own life, and life stories – only rarely caring enough about you to ask about your life, your experiences and your feelings.
Some are plain psychic vampires, a term coined and PERFECTLY described by Anton LaVey.

The worst kind – or rather the kind where it’s hardest to really let the natural consequences happen in due time – are the friendships that were once good but have over a period of time for one reason or another turned bad. You keep on hoping that the friendship will revert back to a better state, and hoping (almost hoping against hope) that the qualities you once cherished will show again.
From this point it usually take many disappointments before you take the inevitable decision.

But there really is only one sensible thing to do, and that is draw the line and the consequences. As Goethe said – that which disturbs your soul you MUST not suffer.

One Response to “Psychic Vampires.”

  1. Nicole Says:

    hey Angryton –

    Thanks for linking to me!

    I agree the worst kind are the ones that turn sour over time.

    They get even more detrimental when we can’t let go of what happened, even though the relationship is over.

    Blech. Bitterness.

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