Work is still hell…

Midway through the working week (approximately) and work still sucks… I feel totally drained from Monday and Tuesday, the rest of this week will be really hard.

I sometimes wonder why there are so many school – shootings, and so few work-shootings –  of course there are the disgruntled heroes from the post office, but those guys mainly SNAP after they’ve been fired?

But still – school is so much better than work, how come no disgruntled guy in a suit and tie has ever tried to make the ultimate statement, bringing an AK47 and some  banana clips to work, ready to do what was necessary? How come noone has gotten the great idea of walking into their bosses office, saying “you can’t fire me because I quit” and then BLAM!

Maybe workers in general are simply too socialized after many years of schooling and taking in the demands of society, few people really admit how much they hate their work…

I don’t get it. But of course, every trend needs to be started somewhere…

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