Slave labor… now bigger than EVER!!!

Just to put our suffering as wage-slaves in perspective – the number of actual slaves today is bigger than at any time in human history. A cautious estimate reads 27 million people are in ACTUAL slavery today.

Yup, all the white mans guilt about enslaving other nations and races is put to shame by the mere fact that more or less every culture has been operating on slave labor, and that the “modern” western world is one of the few societies where slavery is actually abolished (not counting trafficking and closed societies in the west where slavery is more or less still being used e.g. the “Chinese restaurant” industry)

Many sources exist – just google or go HERE. (not really a good link, just an obvious one)

Go HERE for a very good link (Vice Magazine), by the honorable Jim Goad.

Besides the many people being held in actual slavery, just imagine how many people are working in China or similar places under slave-like conditions, so that you may buy your DVD-players, or all sorts of dumb shit and trinkets at an EXTREMELY low price.

I’m just saying…

Hope you sleep well tonight, knowing that no matter how much you try to avoid it, you will be supporting slavery simply being part of the modern, globalized economy. Enjoy!


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