Tribute to Boobs

The newsstory that some japanese pin-up model was able to overturn a verdict on breaking and entering because of her big breasts – (see story HERE, HERE or HERE) of course made me frantically start googling to find a picture of this Japanese beauty.

This post is simply to share a few of my precious finds, and should also be viewed as a tribute to breasts in general. Breasts are one of the very few truly valuable things produced in society today – and I’m not talking about that silicone crap, just good natural tits – of any size.

So, enough talk – enjoy these links instead – and join me in celebrating TITS.

So listen… the above links were just to get you started… the amount of boob sites out there is unending – an actual natural resource that will never be exhausted. And basically the links above were from some of the most obvious google searches – BE AWARE – if you search for the term Breast and find links for sites with names such as breastblog or similar, it seems to be mostly related to breastcancer, or surviving breastcancer.

Oh yes… I almost forgot… let’s end this post with a picture….


3 Responses to “Tribute to Boobs”

  1. dux Says:

    tribute to this blog

  2. angryton Says:

    LOL – yup, that’s what it’s all about… this is what the internet is for.

  3. angryton Says:

    There’s also

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